The Forbidden Diner

Posted by admin on March 03, 2016

The forbidden Diner.


I'm heading to a diner in the middle of a small town. It's a no name place in some back roads town. The kind you drive through but not stay. Now just another place to meet a potential client. My name is Roger and I'm a body guard. I'm on my way to a meeting with a woman. The name she gave me was Mason. I don't know much more that that right now. All I do know is she needs a big strong guy that is not afraid to get kis hands dirty and bloody. Special forces has taught me a thing or two about getting blood on my hands for the right price. I was good at it. Best in my unit. So after I got out I put this skill set to use. Sometimes for good and sometimes not. I get to the meeting place, an old diner. It's on a street corner. There is a lot of glass on two sides. I don't like it. To many ways to be seen. If she needs a safe place to meet this is not it. The only thing it has going for it is, it's very public. Less chance of anyone starting something. An hour before the meeting she text me and asked for my picture I send it. She did not offer to send me one of her so I would know who I was to be meeting. This is not that uncommon. Most of my clientle request more than a little discretion. I give the building a good walk around first. Checking my options for escape. You can't be to ready. I walk in and I look around. As I do every eye in the place turned to see who came in. I hate small towns like this. Privacy is nothing more than a pretense. very low priority here. I took a seat in the middle of the place so I could keep my ears and eyes open. I made sure I got in there 45 minutes early. I ordered coffee and the meatloaf that was on special. This did the trick. The diner went about it's normal business. The coffee was black hot and tasted like tar. The meatloaf was shit. Dry as the conversation I could hear and just as bland. I swear I have eaten better in the middle of the jungle of South America. It amazes me what people will settle for. I hope the pie is better. Eating and sitting gives me more time to get the lay of the land. From what I could hear this was like any other place. People were talking about the local high school football game and who was sleeping with who. I'm hoping I was not here to protect some cheating wife from her husband and his redneck buddies. Don't get me wrong I would if the money was right. But that would have to be a lot of money. I hate the idea of spilling the blood of a guy that has been burned by his cheating wife. If he was not the drunk, wife beating asshole and a descent guy that is. In that case I usually give the new address of the bitch to her husbands lawyers. Servers her right. I heard nothing to make me suspect anything like that, no yet anyway.

I do see one guy sitting at a table with three other guys. Something does not look right and my gut tells me the same thing. Nobody in this place will look at this guy. He was sitting with three other guys that seemed none to happy to be there with them. He must be the boss and a real asshole. They were all drinking beer and it looked like they were on their forth round. This alone was odd for a diner and not a bar. Not a one of them would look at him for more than a few seconds and no one was talking to him. They just listen. To peak my curiosity further he didn't seem to really care if anyone heard him. He did not have the look of a seasoned, well, anything. Fighter, cop or militarily. He looked over at me. He was just checking me out like the rest of the people in this one horse town. He took a longer time than I enjoyed looking at me. Maybe he knows something. I give him a little nod. This seemed to be enough for him. For now.


Then it happened. One of the guys he was with shoved the table. There was going to be a fight. And a big one. The lone guy just sat there. He did nothing. The table was upended. It was go time. I shifted in my seat and put one leg out. One of the guys cracked a bottle over the guys head. It didn't faze him. Despite what the movies portray having a bottle broken over you head is bad news. Glass is a lot harder than you think. It's not uncommon to put the recipient in the hospital with a fractured skull. This guy just looked like someone had just gently tapped him on the shoulder. He stans up and hits the guy. Blood and brains splashed from the guys head like an over ripe melon. This guy hits like a Mac truck. That poor schmuck was more than dead, and he crumplea like a rag doll, not even a twitch. The place goes crazy. peopel are running for the doors. I have to do something. I walk up this killer. He turns to face me. Without a word I give him the best shot to the throat I have. I have killed a number of people this way and I'm ready to watch him go down. He just looks at me. I start to go for my knife. I always keep a 6 inch Gerber command 2 close at hand. You never know when a quarter inch thick piece of sharpened and serrated high carbon steel will come in handy. Before I can deploy it I'm grabbed by three people. They're pulling me to the door. Even with what I have just seen of this guy. He just stans there. How did he took a punch that should have killed him. I have no fear of him, I was ready to go. I wanted to. My blade would have all but cut his head off. I would have been happy to dispatch this monster. But I'm dragged out. They throw me in a van. At first I'm thinking this is a botched kidnapping. Now I need to go for my knife. But I don't. Something tells me this is a good thing. I don't have a bag over my head and the three of them genuinely seem to have my safety in mind. I start to ask questions. The mood changed and we speed away. The one closets to me says they have been sent to make sure I lived. I ask who want's me alive. The van fell silent or was it just me. It starts to go black and I'm out. I awake to find myself in a ditch at the side of a road. The sun has been up for a while. It's right over head. I checked to see if they had robbed or raped me. I have my watch, wallet, I checked to see if all my ID and money are still there. To my surprise I find more money than I had started the day with. Everything is here, Keys and my knife. I take it out to see if it has any trace of blood on it. I don't not need to be set up for something I didn't do. It's clean and sharper than it has ever been. I know my blade. I keep it sharp enough to shave with. But this is different. This was unholy sharp. Nothing is making any sense. My head is clear. Not like I was hit or drugged. I pat myself down and check my pockets. In one pocket that I normally keep empty I find a note. It says,


You have passed my test. Nothing of the last night can be traced to you and for now you are safe. I have given you enough money to stay one step ahead of Mr. Abattoir, the malevolent one, for now. But he will be looking for you. I will need you in the future. I have placed a spell on you're knife. It is now the only thing on earth that can kill him. Keep it with you at all times. The destiny of this world now rests upon your shoulders. I will contact you and keep you supplied with money, shelter and information until the time is right. Go to the address on the back of this note. There you will find safety and warmth. Until then.


This is not the job I thought I was signing up for. At least it was not the one I told about. I read it again hoping to understand it more than the first time. No such luck. I climb out of the ditch and dust myself off. I am somewhere in the back country. I need to get back to my car. I hope I am not that far from that town. I manage to hitch a ride back to town. It is young woman in a flat bed ford. She looks at me as if she knows me. In my line of work you learn who you can trust fast. I see in her eyes I can trust her. She asks me if I had heard about the fire last night at the diner. I say no to this. I'm telling the truth. I ask her what had happened. She says a fire started in the deep fryer and the whole place went up. The chef tried to put the fire out and got burned. He would be alright. She mentioned nothing of what really happened last night. I had a feeling she just gave me the story I would need if any one asks. I ask her if she would take me to my car. It's a block from the diner. She says yes. To my surprise she does not ask any questions of why I was out in the middle of nowhere. She tells me she is heading to general store down the street from it. As we drive by the location the diner used to be, I see it had burned all the way to the ground. It was now nothing but burnt ash, broken and twisted metal. My car was right where I had left it. As I'm getting out she asks me where I was headed. I remember the note in my pocket. I pull it out once more. I look again at the back of the note. It says, Oak Tree Inn. 1706 N Park Dr. Winslow, AZ. I thank and ask her, what her name is. She just smiled and tells me to have a safe trip. She drives off. I give my car a good long once over before getting in. I get in my car only to find another surprise. I now had a full tank of gas. I get out and do a full sweep. I find nothing outside. In the trunk I find a bag of my clothes, weapons and needed gear that I did not bring. There is also an envelope with ten grand cash. Whoever is watching over me, they are very good at what they do. I hope they are the good guys. Only one way to find out. I get back in the car and start it up. I check the address one more time and pull out on to a the two lane road out of town. On the way I pass the only store there is in this little town. Her flatbed is not there, not anywhere I can see. I have a feeling I will be seeing her in the future. For now I'm headed to AZ. It's my only lead to this whole thing and it feels like the right thing to do. I'm not going back to my apartment. It has oblivious been comprised. This is a full bug out as far as I'm concerned. I drive on down this road with a thousand questions running through my head. I hit the interstate and settle in for a long drive. I hope I can find the answers to some of the questions. What ever I find at the end of this path is more of a mystery than I have ever seen. I hope I find what I'm looking for at the Oak Tree Inn. In Winslow Arizona.s I leave it starts to snow. Snow in July? More questions. Not enough answers, yet.