Writing in a benadryl haze.


Looking at my monitor with blurry vision. Head still pounding from something in the air.

Allergies kicking my ass.

This is not a one time occurrence. It???s happening every day and it has for months.

No end in site. What ever it is up here in Washington, and indeed the pacific north west, it has been getting worse every year for me.

I came up here in the first place to aid in the recovery of my lungs. Lungs that are now acting in an adverse manner to this once helpful environment.

Indeed they are becoming as bad as they were when I came up.

This brings up a sticky question. Where do I need to be?

I have gone back to my old home town. Both my head and lungs cleared in a matter days. I felt normal. It was more than than that. I felt good again. For the first time in a long time. The next logical question is this: If I move back, will there come a time it goes back the other way. will I be forced to make another move?

There is only one way to know the answer to this question. I need to move back.


Otc antihistamines work as well as any. That is to say they work but with such adverse effects. As do they all.

it???s not just the lethargy and trouble seeing, thinking and all the rest. As if that was not bad enough. It???s the quality of sleep. For me it produces such strange dreams.

If you know anything about my writing you know that is saying a lot. They re not good nor bad. To the contrary. Bland, vivid and nonsensical. One after another after another, more than I can count. I awake feeling more mentally tired than before I slept.

And to yet another headache.

I now have a choice. A splitting headache? Or my head in a fog.


I???ll take the fog. I???m tired of the pain.

writing in a benadryl haze

Posted by admin on September 15, 2016