A Question Of Time.


In this case I am referring to the keeping and measuring of time. Years to be exact.

As I write this the years is 2015, 2-20-2015 if you must know. I was watching a show on Sumerian history. They kept saying this or that year BC. As if the people they were talking about did not have calender. They had a calender back then so did the Mayans. In fact just about everybody in history had some sort of a calender. The Chinese still use theirs and it dates back some 5000 years. So why does the current one used in the ???western??? world only count 2015 years? Further more why do we treat anything that happened before that as if it's not as important?

I will not get into the religious reasons for this. That is an argument I don't need.

What I want to see is a time reference that makes more sense. How about an astronomical reference, a real one. Not a made up occurrence. How about a geological time. Let's say back when all the land was one big land mass? That would change the calendar a bit, by a few million years.

As far as time goes we seem to be obsessed with accuracy. The days of sundials being the only time to watch are sadly over. I see a need for a cretin amount of accuracy. But have we gone to extremes?

Lets face it, you can now go out and buy a watch that will tell you the time wherever you are in the world. All by itself, without you having to ever set it. The thing is self charging with a solar cell in the face. The draw back is it's not cheep. Unless you think $1650.00 US is cheap. On the other hand I see people using their cell phone as a time piece. Hey they are accurate. But they lack the functionality of a real self contained time piece. Note; Don't take your cell phone scuba diving.

Of course I should ask why do we need to be that precise? We need to get to work on time and more important leave on time. Our time is our time, right?

It's things like this that make me wonder. Is it years, decades or even millennium that matter.

From what I see it's just whats right in front of us. The here and now. What is past can only be learned from memory, a story from a friend or you can read about it. But what does it mean? How does it affect the future? It's said that those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. It's true that you can learn from the past. It also seems people prefer to make the mistakes themselves. Those lessons are so much more real than something you read about.

So I will keep my old fashion pocket watch. It may not be accurate to a thousandth of a second, but I'm ???On Time??? I have learned from the past and hold hope for the future. We can never measure the future. We can only see it when it happens.

A Question Of Time

Posted by admin on February 21, 2015