Popcorn?? Apocalypse.

I have a hot air popper. I just brought home a jug of kernels. How hard can it be I have done this a hundred time before. Always with the same wonderful result. Fresh hot popcorn. A little real melted butter drizzled over the top. A pinch of natural sea salt to top it all off. I large tumbler of fresh brewed and then iced tea. With a twist of lime and a sprig of mint. A great way to watch, ???The walking Dead???
I measured the kernels and placed them into the popper. I turned it on, hot air begins to rush out. A moment later I hear the first few pops. All is going to plan.
Then it happened. Things went crazy!
?????? It started to pop with ever greater explosive force. Kernels began battering the thin plastic lid of the now volcanic popcorn machine. Red hot UN-popped kernels began shooting out. The top lid flew off and a shower of ultra hot projectiles burst forth like the bullets from a machine-gun being wheeled by the devil him self.
I have but one chance. I have to unplug the possessed thing. Good thing I have glasses on. The solid lava ball kernels hit me in the face, and, and they hurt.
I have to reach the plug. Hell I'll take the cord at this point.
One quick yank of said cord and the whirling, spitting angry popcorn quickly stops.?? The rapidly cooling kernels and fluffy white popcorn now resting on the floor no longer moving. I clean the floor of the disgorged remains. Only half made it into the awaiting bowl! I count myself luck I lived!

Butter and salt applied to the half that behaved. The rest of the hell spawn in the trash, Now I have?? another great story to tell.

Popcorn and tea in hand. Off I go to watch, The walking dead