Oh Deer!

Posted by admin on July 18, 2014

Sitting at one end of my dinning room table. Looking out the windows. Watching the breeze gently blowing the trees and tall grass. Clouds pass by dotting the blue sky in a never ending patterns. Something catches my eye on the ground. An all to brief motion. I look to see what it might be.

Under a bush I can see a patch of brown. It's not old composting lawn clippings. Then again I see the movement. This time I see a head pop up. It's a full size Doe. She has found a safe place to take a nap and grab a bite of the wild Knot weed in my yard. I have seen this Doe before. She seems to like my back yard. I feel a smile come over my face. She looks at me through the glass. I don't make a move. She needs a safe place and I'm glad she found one.

She is welcome here.

I will do nothing to bother her.