Ode To Fuck

Posted by admin on August 29, 2017


Of all the words in the lexicon of human speech, fuck has become one of the most useful and diverse.

This one word has risen to such heights and taken on a variety meanings.

Lets take a step back in history. One of the first uses of the word was in the times of the Puritan.

For the crime of sexual congress without the benefit of holy wedlock.

The guilty was placed in stocks for what ever duration of time was deemed a suitable sentence.

The words inscribed above the hapless criminal? “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”

sometimes written vertically,





It soon was said that the person was punished for F.U.C.K.


It is true that I have read a host of etiologies for this word. In the research for this word I found one of the meanings was to prepare the ground for planting.

Suffice to say where this word actually came from is in question. So I will let you do your own research as to it origins.


Back to the word itself and it's many uses.

As a word it is used as an insult as in, Fuck you. It's used as an adjective. Adding greater emphasis to a statement, It's fucking great. The reverse is also true. That's fucking offal. You can say, I fucking love you, as well as I fucking hate you.

As a homage to the old use. One can be fucked. Getting fucked, But it can also be a good thing. We're going to fuck tonight. It can also be a question, You wanna get fucked up? As in drunk and not a sexual manner. But a sexual question is also acceptable. As in, You wanna fuck? It can be a challenge, you want to fuck with me? As to that end it can also be, I will fuck you up.

As an undefined unit of measurement, That's big as fuck. Long as fuck. Heavy as fuck. Small as fuck. It can even be fucking huge. A fuck load. Hot or cold as fuck. Things can smell like fuck. Taste like fuck, look like fuck. One can be a dumb fuck, stupid as fuck. Smart as fuck. You can also be, one smart fucker! You can be cheap as fuck. Rich as fuck, broke as fuck, fucking broke and fucking rich. Don't you love English. Ah, excuse me, Fucking love English.


The examples could, and do on for a fucking long time.


Weather you choose to embrace and use the word, or make an attempt to eradicate it from your life.

In anger or polite conversation and as with any other word, the choice is yours.


One thing that can't be denied. The word is now part of who we are.

At least in the English speaking parts of the world. I don't fucking know about the rest.