Of Like Minds.


There are two types of people we have in our lives. The classifications for this analogy can be broken down as follows; People we have to work with as a result of a job or a career choice.

This can be broken down further to include the customers we come in contact with if applicable.

The other type, if you will allow this idiom, are the people we choose to associate with in our lives.

My question is why or how do we make the choices for the people we call friends.


I have often heard the term ???Of like minds??? I thought to myself this is an odd phrase. So I looked it up. The definition seemed far to simple for me. It said ???When people are of like mind, they agree.??? (dictionary.cambridge.org) This makes only a small amount of sense, if any at all.

We agree with people all day long. We can even agree with people that we can't stand.

With the understanding of the definition given by the dictionary I must call Non sequitur.

So what does ???Of like minds??? really mean?


I made a concerted effort to discern the meaning. At least one that would make sense to me.

In doing so I retreated to Physics and the concepts of resonance and harmonics. In each case there are complementary, discordance and multiple frequencies that act and interact with each other in any number of combinations.

Could this hold true for people as well? Could our choices of friends be influenced by who we are, or our personal frequency?


John Lennon made a statement in the song, Strawberry fields forever. The verse is well know and so is the meaning, the line is and I quote. ???No one, I think, is in my tree. I mean, it must be high or low.??? It's reported he was commenting on his own intelligence. I have used this same phrase in regards to my own. Hey if you're steal a line. Steal the best!


This statement could also be taken in context, as his own understanding of the aforementioned concept.

IQ, intelligence or what ever you want to call it, it matters.


As we live our lives we strive to find others that we are on the same frequency with. No matter what we're talking about. Be it food, cars, writing or astrophysics. As long as we are around those people the conversation is a mute point. We find comfort in just being with someone, male or female old or young as long they are in our tree!


For my friend Pat.