I Swear!


It is said that people that swear often are more trustworthy and honest. At least that's what a bunch or psychology researchers have said. Hey look it up your self, I did.

This pops up on Facebook from time to time. As expected a rash of comments containing what would be considered profanity follow.

This lively banter ignited a thought about conversations I have had with most of my friends, including my dad.

I am here to admit when we speak we sometimes use a rather colorful choice of words.

I will be the first to admit that the majority of my friends are highly educated. Most with multiple advanced degree's.

I my self have never graduated from a collage. I have gone to 5 of them with more years in than I can count. Taking what interests me and having fun learning. I have been told, I'm not dumb. I will let you draw your own conclusion on that.


But I digress.

One of the constants I have noticed within the group is profanity. It slips it's way into our social discourse with such ease and grace. Regardless of the subject matter it is ever present.

There is no real need for it's usage. With a well advanced vocabulary that usurps more than a small percentage of the rank and file. One would come to the conclusion that it would not be needed. This would be an erroneous postulate.

Perhaps it's the raw nature of the words themselves. The visceral nature conveying a greater strength than it's conventional substitute. This hypothesis is perhaps the root of the initial query.

The veracity and usage is demonstrated within these familiar parties. It is ubiquitous.


Rather than use the Latin for truth, ???Veritas??? We can now simply respond with, ???You're shittin me????

I Swear

Posted by admin on December 30, 2013