A challenge by Inion & Mathair, a great writing team with a wicked bend themselves.

Their challenge and question for Friday the 13th.

Who or what is your / my personal boogeyman?

I had to give this some thought. From the other posts they received I can the usual antagonists. None of them every really scared me. Mine was and is a lot deeper than just a scary mask or evil plan.

One perhaps darker than what can be seen with the naked eye, only felt in the depths of the Soul.

It's that place where my darkest inspiration comes from.

This is my answer to them.


I never had a traditional boogeyman. Nothing I could put a face too. Not even Clowns.

That thing that always haunts me. The thing you never really see. That thing you may only catch a glimpse out of the corner of you eye. The sound of the shapeless foot steps as it's coming up the stairs.

The entity, the presence that can't be confronted, reasoned with or stopped.

That thing that doesn't just kill you in some grotesque, protracted fashion.

It takes away everything you love, and all you feelings. It leaves you exquisitely devoid of the very thing that makes life, life.

It leaves you bereft of all things, an empty shell.

Some call it death. I think it is something far worse.


I did a poem if you will about just that. Here it is.


Somethings Coming


As the title says something is coming.

It's coming for me.

I don't know what it is, I have an idea.

It came last night in a series of dreams.

Hunting me, tracking me down.

Is it the end?

Or just bad dreams.

It felt real enough.

I woke to the sound of steps coming up my stairs.

There was nothing there.

Could it have been a remnant of the dream?

A dream within a dream.

They are coming more frequently.

I feel trapped here.

This house is not my home.

Just a place I rest my head.

Even that is getting harder to do.

I must break out, get away.

Try and get some perspective on things.

Perhaps I can forestall the hunter.

This question I must ask.

Am I the hunter?


I posted my response. I got an incredible reply.


This is just a little insight on me and where things come from.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.


They should have know better than to ask a horror writer!

Friday the 13th challenge

Posted by admin on June 13, 2014