I will be so glad when the big game is over.
The hype and insanity over a meaningless game shows what people really care about.
Not to mention the billions that people are more than willing spend.
Makes me sick.
If we spent this much on alternative energy, education and human rights this world would be far better off, and a much better place to live.
This people of this world have lost their way.
When a game takes precedent over taking care of where you live. I refer to the planet we call home.

What will the generation that follow say of us?

Will they cheer us as superfans that worshiped a game?
Or will they look upon us as the generation that throw it all away.
A hero should not have to be paid millions of dollars a year to do what they do.
That makes them a mercenary not a hero.


Posted by admin on January 28, 2014