Another night of bad dreams.

Last night was different.

My nightmares did not take me to places of evil and monsters.

What pains were inflicted were personal. Betrayal and utter loss of trust.

In these dreams, friends I have had for decades turned their backs, lied and destroyed all feelings of trust.

Woman I have known that professed there love to me deciding to and getting themselves pregnant without me, yet still expecting me to raise the child as if it were mine.

Friends I have helped with jobs and money using me and reneging on the commitments they made with me and third parties they were supposed to do the work for.

These dreams have left me feeling helpless.

The reality is, these are not just nightmares. Thay have all happened to me.

As of now I will never let these things happen again.

I will not trust, not again. Time after time and again and again, I have deeply trusted and loved only to be forgotten, betrayed and lied to.

I must be the worst judge of people in the world or just a sucker to be taken advantage of.

I would rather walk this world alone.

I quit.


Posted by admin on July 08, 2014