To my friends and family that have helped me through the years.

Not in any order.


My Dad Dr. Bud Burton. He has never stopped believing in me.

My editors Natalie Walker, Tammy Lynn.

Harv Pulford.

Kaye Benson.

John Eggett.

Dave Barton.

Kaye Stacy.

Kyra Freeburg

Pat St.John.

Mark & Sharon.

Joey Walker.

Jim Keebaugh.

Dr. Steven Snow. For doing his best at putting Humpty Dumpty back together after the accident. I can walk again.

Dr. Bruce Spera. Without him I could not see to write.


To all the teachers I have had through the years, I would like to tank you all.

To the great authors who's books I have read and took lessons from.

To the people that follow my writing and keep reading it.


Last but not least

To Scully. She never quits!!