Well, summer has come and gone. The edit for, "The Blood Spot" has been done. Now to sell it to a publisher.  Easier said than done. I can always self publish. That has it's own problems. So we shall see.



Check out the latest piece: Walking Spiders

One bit of work sure to raise eyebrows: Ode To Fuck

It has come to my attention that some of you have noticed that the spelling in my books sucks. Your absolutely right. It was not my intention for all the bad spelling. In fact I can blame my publisher for most of it. I did not pay them to Edit my book. This is my reward. I am not the first writer to experience this. I was clued in to this a little to late. This is why I am looking for a different publisher. So for now all I can say is sorry. That's why I have not released, The Blood Spot, Crossroads, The Blood Spot 2 and Emotional Sojourn.

Yes I know that is a lot of work on the shelf. Tell me about it!

I have been adding at least one piece a month. Lot's of fun stuff to read. Enjoy!

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I thought I would share Some of the not so short stories. These will be in my book, "Crossroads" BTW this is not the final verrsion of the stories.

They are,The Forbidden Diner Set Adrift

Undiscovered Soul

Take care.



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